Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Danielle, the heroine!

Danielle, Brett's cousin, one of his closest friends, and the one he confided in about his extensive Salvia use, made her first TV appearance yesterday and told the real story of Brett's life. I wish I could have been there Danielle, but you did a most incredible job. You brought Brett to life for all the thousands of people who watched you so eloquently tell his story. Daniellius, as Brett called you, he would would be SO proud of you!! You faced the 3 idiotic users with such grace and conviction. I could never have been as composed as you. You did the Chidester family proud. We love you and know that Brett is looking down cheering you on for telling what really happened in his last days.

And thank you to Dr. Howard Samuels of Wonderland Treatment Center in LA who finally told the world what I've known since the minute Brett died. SALVIA KILLS!