Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Salvia and "Depersonalization"

I just saw this quote from a salvia user and it made me think this is what Brett must have gone thru, unbeknowst to all of us. This has to be one of the scariest as well as saddest things I've ever read when it comes to salvia. Why would you use something that sends you to the brink of insanity, with no clear proof that you'll ever make it back alive? Kids, as Brett did, think they're invincible, untouchable and nothing evil can happen to them. If this were only true.

"There is a thread in the Salvia Divinorum section which discusses many accounts and explanations of users who have experienced long-lasting depersonalization/derealization after the use of Salvia. I have been going through these feelings for the past few weeks now, believing that I am well on my way into schizophrenic insanity. "

I just keep coming back to the same question - WHY is this drug legal when people write that it makes them feel like this? Is no one caring, watching, reading what our young people are writing?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Brett's 6th Angel Anniversary

Today mark 6 years since Brett became an angel, leaving us here to wish we had more time with him. I will be eternally grateful for the 17 wonderful years I was able to spend with him. I guess I should say 16.5 years were wonderful and the months that he got hooked on salvia, those were not so wonderful. Even at his worst he was still so funny, smart and oh-so-hard not to love. His girlfriend told me just last week that he was the most caring, kind and loving boyfriend she ever had, still, 6 years later. I wish the best for Lauren and hope that someday she can meet someone exactly like Brett. We know that's not possible but there has to be someone for her that come close to Brett's goodness and kindness. He would want that for her. As she reminded me (not that she needed to) he watches over us still and keeps up safe, every single day. As much as I want for him to be here with us I gain strength knowing he's my family's guardian angel, looking out for us every moment. Sweet angel Brett, peace and love to you this day and always.