Monday, September 9, 2013

Today Would Have Been Brett's 25th Birthday

If only he were here to celebrate...

It seems as if each year something wonderful happens around Brett's birthday. This year I had a chance encounter with one of Brett's best friends who I haven't seen since his funeral. I will never forget what he told me when we ran into each other. He said "I can tell you, 150%, that Brett made me the man I am today. I am such a better person for having known him and being able to be a part of his life. There will never be another Brett." How lucky Brett was to have such wonderful friends.

And another milestone on the war against salvia - this week Texas outlawed salvia.  A long time coming and hopefully my communications with state legislators there made a difference. As Brett looks down on us on his 25th b'day he knows that I'll never give up this fight. One day salvia will be regulated nationwide. I have all the time in the world to make it so. I wish Brett did as well.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brett's 7th Angel Anniversary

Seven years ago today Brett became an angel. Not the earthly angel that we knew him to be but a heavenly one meant to watch over and protect us.
I really felt his presence yesterday as I visited his school, then Gibraltar, his favorite place to volunteer, and fhen finally his gravesite. It was a difficult day but a necessary part of telling his story for a new expose on salvia. This is one that I feel  has a lot of potential to shed more light on this insidious drug. I never cease to be amazed that all these years later this drug is still legal.