Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brett's Thanksgiving Wish "NO TURKEY ON YOUR TABLE!"

Brett became a vegetarian about a year before his death. The most carnivorious kid on the planet, one who could devour a million baby back ribs in one sitting, became a vegan pretty much overnite. All it took was the infamous "KFC video" sent to him by a friend to do it. He always wanted me to watch it but being a huge animal lover, as he was, I couldn't bring myself to do it. He assured me that anyone who watched it would never eat meat again.

Brett wasn't big on causes (as I am) but this is one that totally hit his heart. He never wavered and he never did eat meat again.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, and his place will sit empty at our family's table, I think he would love for me to tell everyone to watch this video, boycott KFC as we both did (and I still do), and think of the animals who suffer for us daily.

Another thought to ponder

Since Brett has passed away I've had many unbelievable experiences. Too many to write about here but they have made me believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is watching over me, sending his love, and leading me on. I get led to some many different places, for no reason, and will find something that makes me wonder . Today I got a random email that led me to this quote:

"In each time you and I have decided where we will meet and in what circumstances we will bring opportunities for one another to have those beautiful growth experiences. We are truly what those in your realm consider to be soulmates. Two souls of very similar vibration—a frequency at which we both have a color and a sound that are similar. I wish to say to you that I am proud and happy at the many steps you have made forward in this incarnation. There are many things you have proven and many energies you have brought forth. I have stepped beside you. And at times I have been in front, encouraging you during those times you considered to be the darkest. Yes, my energy is familiar to you. I wish for you to remember, dear one, the beauty of your soul, the incredible light that can come into your heart. It is difficult to be that shining light when most around you desire only darkness. It is the true healer, the true sage, who remains sage amongst those who are not awake. Take heart and remain at courage.”

Where do these thoughts come from? Who knows but they certainly make me pause and think.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Brett was a whiz w/ Photoshop. Here's a self portrait he did of himself using it. I just think it's the coolest thing. People have said it reminds them of a CD cover. If Brett had of kept up with his drumming he could have probably cut an album some day. He was an excellent drummer and I never got tired of listening to him. Most parents hate the idea of drums but not me. One of my favorite things when he was younger (all the way thru grade 8) was to go watch him perform in the band concerts at school. I remember his band teacher telling me he was a "little prodigy". She said "You give Brett a sheet of music and BAM, he's done, got it all right, while the other kids are still trying to figure out where to start." Later he auditioned for the State Honors Band and made it! No surprise there. Whatever Brett set his mind to, he made it happen. No prodding from Mom or Dad to do something. He was the most self motivated kid ever. I always wondered how I got so lucky. I now wonder how I could be so unlucky to have lost him at such a young age, and for no good reason. I tell myself every single day that the 17 years he was here with us were the most incredible years of my life. I am so grateful and thankful that I could be with him for that short time.