Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brett's Thanksgiving Wish "NO TURKEY ON YOUR TABLE!"

Brett became a vegetarian about a year before his death. The most carnivorious kid on the planet, one who could devour a million baby back ribs in one sitting, became a vegan pretty much overnite. All it took was the infamous "KFC video" sent to him by a friend to do it. He always wanted me to watch it but being a huge animal lover, as he was, I couldn't bring myself to do it. He assured me that anyone who watched it would never eat meat again.

Brett wasn't big on causes (as I am) but this is one that totally hit his heart. He never wavered and he never did eat meat again.

As Thanksgiving is upon us, and his place will sit empty at our family's table, I think he would love for me to tell everyone to watch this video, boycott KFC as we both did (and I still do), and think of the animals who suffer for us daily.

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