Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another thought to ponder

Since Brett has passed away I've had many unbelievable experiences. Too many to write about here but they have made me believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he is watching over me, sending his love, and leading me on. I get led to some many different places, for no reason, and will find something that makes me wonder . Today I got a random email that led me to this quote:

"In each time you and I have decided where we will meet and in what circumstances we will bring opportunities for one another to have those beautiful growth experiences. We are truly what those in your realm consider to be soulmates. Two souls of very similar vibration—a frequency at which we both have a color and a sound that are similar. I wish to say to you that I am proud and happy at the many steps you have made forward in this incarnation. There are many things you have proven and many energies you have brought forth. I have stepped beside you. And at times I have been in front, encouraging you during those times you considered to be the darkest. Yes, my energy is familiar to you. I wish for you to remember, dear one, the beauty of your soul, the incredible light that can come into your heart. It is difficult to be that shining light when most around you desire only darkness. It is the true healer, the true sage, who remains sage amongst those who are not awake. Take heart and remain at courage.”

Where do these thoughts come from? Who knows but they certainly make me pause and think.

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