Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Another beautiful, but sad, quote forwarded to me:

"As God's children, we live on promises, not explanations. When we arrive in heaven, we will hear the explanations, accept them, and say, 'May the Lord be glorified." (Warren Wiersbe).

We, as Brett's family and friends, live every day of the promise of being with Brett again and knowing the true story behind his death. We feel we have the real explanation, due to all that we have learned of this terrible drug. We have accepted this explanation as best we can. I have a deep conviction within my heart that tells me to just believe, not to question what I feel, 100% to be true. When I question what I feel, somewhere, somehow, something will come along to put me in my place, to stop questioning and to just simply BELIEVE my heart. Yesterday I received this:

Pharmacologist and substance misuse researcher Fabrizio Schifano of St George's Medical School in London says that the main problem with psychoactive substances - and hallucinogens like salvia in particular - is that they may incite PSYCHOSIS. "How do you know if someone will have a sensitivity to the drug?" he says. "I am really worried by the prevalence of these drugs, and the fact that most users get their information from the internet. It is not peer-reviewed research, just people's opinions, and that is very dangerous."
Tim Kendall, deputy director of the Royal College of Psychiatrists research unit, says: "When you take salvia you are playing with fire. People can be very damaged in terms of their personal functioning. They frequently have flashbacks that intrude into their life, which can be almost like a post-traumatic stress problem after very bad experiences."
It's still unclear why salvia produces hallucinations. "Some of the experiences people have on salvia may be similar to the psychosis that occurs in late-stage Alzheimer's," says Roth. "There is an increase in the number of kappa receptors in the brains of people with late-stage Alzheimer's."

So, again, validation of what we believe wholeheartedly, Brett suffered severe psychosis within a matter of hours. This psychosis ended with his death. Terrible tragedy....those words don't even begin to describe his loss. There are no words.