Friday, September 9, 2011

Brett's 23rd Birthday

Brett would have been 23 day today. Last weekend we had what I called a "Brett Fest". We watched some of his home movies he made over the years, from about age 11 until his death. I came away with so many wonderful thoughts of Brett - his amazing sense of humor and just straight up no holds barred love of life and a good laugh. I have never, ever known a kid who had more crazy fun in his life than Brett. I just laughed and laughed right along with him. You couldn't helped but be touched by his total lack of pretense and sheer unadulterated happiness. It was contagious and it comes through so clearly in all his videos.
He just amazed me at how life was always a glass totally full for him. I always felt he was so lucky and I used to kid him and tell him "Brett you're what I want to be when I grow, good looking and popular." He had all those attributes and more.

And after watching him having such a blast with all his friends and cousins I just had this crystal clear moment of truth that swept over me. It was just an overwhelming sense of total affirmation of what I believed all along - he did not take his life, salvia did. It stopped him dead in his tracks and brought his happy, fun filled life to a screeching halt. He was railroaded by a drug that he was powerless to stop.

We so wish you were here with us sweet, sweet Brett on your birthday, and every day.