Friday, May 30, 2008

Father's Day

After being bombarded by Father's Day ads, which I mindfully ignore after losing my wonderful dad so many years ago to cancer, I thought of this picture of Brett and his father. This is my favorite picture of Brett and his dad. Those two could NOT have loved each other more. This was taken by one of Dennis' goofball fishing buddies, hence Brett's "not so enthusiastic" smile. I remember him telling me that XXX had taken his picture outside of church on Easter morning and he was none too happy about it. Regardless, I'm glad he did as I look at this picture often and remember all the happy times these two fun loving guys had together.

So I will remember on Father's Day that not only did I lose the most important person in my life but Dennis has as well. We will never be the same, the happy go lucky threesome that we were, all the way until Brett's death.

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