Thursday, November 27, 2008

This Thanksgiving Day

Just as I was thinking of my sweet boy this morning, and wishing he were here for one of his favorite holidays, I get this email sent to me. It is wonderous how these things work, but then, as we all know, Brett was always a wonder. He could always amaze, amuse, and bring out major adoration in me. I adore him still. As the saying goes to those who knew him no explanation is necessary, and to those who didn't no explanation is possible. No words could possibly express the sheer sweetness and love that was Brett.


1.Thank you for giving me life, for making my favorite foods, for washing my clothes and doing your best to be sure I was safe. Although I no longer need you to do these things, the love behind the actions lighted my way to the other side.

2.Thank you for your prayers and the thoughts you send my way. They lift my spirit (literally) and propel me to the place where only love dwells.

3.Thank you for your anger at the ways I failed, disappointed or betrayed you. I'm closer to you than you think and have heard your words. They remind me that I didn't live up to who I could be and call me to be more kind, honest, loyal and loving from now on.

4.Thank you for forgiving me for all the ways I couldn't love you, others or myself. I may have left you with feelings of being abandoned. Your effort to heal yourself helps to heal entire family line including grandfathers and fathers who have gone before as well as the children and grandchildren who come after.

5.Thank you for calling in the angels. Or, if I left without sharing a few last moments with you, thank you for understanding that my body could no longer hold my spirit which was ready to fly.

6.Thank you for continuing to express my life. Celebrating my accomplishments with scholarships and foundations, telling stories about me (even if not all of them are true) reminds the world that my life had meaning.

7.Thank you for taking care of my stuff, especially if by leaving abruptly there were no instructions to follow. Thank you for tying up the loose ends left dangling when I moved into my new life.

8.Thank you for honoring our love bond - - by wearing the jewelry I've given you, by keeping my photos with or near you, but, most of all, by living your life to the fullest.

9.Thank you for laughing while remembering our good times together. Your laughter creates the music in heaven.

10.Thank you for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and Thanksgivings and by remembering all the gifts of our life together.

May the thanks of those you love, touch you as you remember them this Thanksgiving.

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