Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Salvia Suicide Attempt

An advocate for Salvia regulation sent me this story below from Colorado. Sadly it mirrors Brett's own experience very closely. The huge difference is this boys' life was saved while Bretts' was not. My heart goes out to this mom and I think how very fortunate she is to be able to hold and hug her son today.

This story is another example of salvias' ability to cause complete psychosis in a single use. Why does the DEA continue to allow this to be legal??? Almost 5 years after Bretts' death they are still studying it??? I alerted the DEA within a week of Brett's death because I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it had caused his death. So, here we are, 5 years later and they continue to "study". My guess is they aren't doing anything at all about it and saying they are "studying" it is an easy escape route from taking any kind of action. Can anyone tell me exactly what this agency spends its' time doing???

Here is the story from Colorado:

A warning tonight from a Southern Colorado mother about an herbal supplement that many teens are now smoking to get high. It's completely legal and as strong as LSD. Some say this herb is not just dangerous, it's deadly.

There are dozens of disturbing videos on You Tube showing teens getting high on Salvia. When smoked it causes powerful hallucinations. The drug seems to take effect almost immediately, causing the user to lose control.

"I had never seen him quite like that," said a Southern Colorado mom who only wants to be identified at Michelle. She says her 17 year-old son smoked Salvia. "He said that he doesn't want to smoke pot and this was alternative for him so he doesn't smoke pot," said Michelle.

One day later she says her son tried to kill himself. "He went to the bridge and he was going to jump." She says it happened on the bridge on Highway 24 outside of Peyton.

Authorities were able to pull him to safety. "He had one leg over and one leg on the otherside and then he swung his other leg over and he was leaning out over nothing," Michelle said.

He was taken to a treatment facility in Colorado Springs and the staff watched him closely for 72 hours. "Afterwards, he didn't even remember anything that had happened," Michelle said.

A terrifying experience for Michelle and her son and this isn't the first time something like this has happened...

The story continues to Brett's story and how Brett's Law was passed in Delaware 3 months after his death.

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