Sunday, October 24, 2010

Canada Bans Salvia

About time! Maybe if they had regulated Salvia 5 years ago Brett would not have started experimenting with salvia that he purchased from Canada.

Also, Nevada legislators need to get listen to their constituents in their state. They have a serious Salvia problem there if I'm to believe the telephone call that Brett's dad received this past Thursday night. A concerned father of an 8th grade student called from Nevada inquiring how he could get "Brett's Law" passed in his state. According to the story he told there have been, over the last 2 weeks, 11 attempted suicides and 4 deaths related to salvia usage. If this is true my heart goes out to these parents. Losing a child for the most wrong of reasons is something they will never, ever get over. We can learn to accept death by illness or accident but death by a legal drug will haunt those of us who have lost our loved ones forever.

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