Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day without Brett

Brett's favorite day of the year, by far, was Christmas. As you can see from his pictures he couldn't have been happier. As I looked through our many photo albums I was struck by the same thing over and over again-you will not find a picture of Brett where he wasn't smiling. The kid just loved life. He loved his family and friends fiercely and thought every day should "bring a new adventure", which was kind of our motto. Of course we all know his later "adventures" in life led to his demise. 5 years later and Christmas is no easier for any of us. And again salvia is all over the news due to Miley Cyrus' video of her smoking a bong of salvia. Brett's name is showing up everywhere on the internet, which actually I am thankful for. I have led a quiet fight these last couple of years but I never give up. This brings salvia and it's dangers to the forefront again, somewhere it definitely needs to be. I read more stories that I was unaware of. The most poignant one was the girl who smoked it and she woke up in the hospital. She had jumped from a 3rd story building and had no memory of it. Her jaw was fractured and she had lost most of her teeth. It was a devastating picture and it agains brings to light the fact that salvia needs to be regulated.
And for those that are following the Miley story please be aware that salvia is ILLEGAL in CA for those under 21. I worked long and hard with Assemblyman Adams in CA to get this law passed. I took the time to fly to Sacramento to testify, to show Brett's pictures, to tell his life story of achievements, and to make sure everyone knew that, without any doubt at all, that salvia caused Brett's death.
Please remember Brett on this Christmas Day and keep him always in your loving prayers as we do. Peace to all and to my sweet angel up above.

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