Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Years an Angel

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Brett's passing, 5 years an angel, looking down, protecting and guiding us. I heard a quote last week that really reminded me of how we, as Brett's family, feel on many days - "we feel his presence more than his absence." Certainly not every day, as the missing and yearning to see him will never go away, but his strong presence and sense of self, is still very much with us, some days more than others. Our entire family could write a book on the psychic/paranormal activity that we have experienced since his death. Brett had the most beautiful, clear sense of being. You knew he was in a room without his making a sound. His presence was always that profound. He was a boy that could say volumes without saying a word. That trait of his, one that I loved more than anything, has not changed since his passing. His strength has allowed him, even from the other side, to make us aware he is still present. Best of all his incredible, uplifting sense of humor still shines thru whenever we experience his "shenanigans" (as he would call them).

We love you Brett. You are still our shining light. May that never end.

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