Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pennsylvania Governor Corbett signs Salvia Bill

June 23, 2011 - Salvia is finally regulated in PA. When I first started my fight to outlaw salvia my initial goal was to have it banned in the surrounding tristate area. My thought was that Brett's friends, who smoked it with him, wouldn't be able to cross state lines to purchase it. In my mind I fervently hoped that maybe, somehow, I could save them when I could no longer save my own son.

5 years later and here I am, still working towards that goal. I'll never give up especially when I hear, just recently, how Brett's best friend, and frequent salvia user, is in the words of Brett's cousin "a total waste". A guy, just like Brett, with such intelligence, enthusiasm, and potential, all gone, because of his drug use. I thought he would have learned something from Brett's death. I still remember just 3 days after Brett died, asking him please, please, please to give up salvia, to think how it had taken away his best friend, a guy who loved life and living every day. Brett would be devastated to know what happened to his best buddy Mike. 2 lives lost, one forever and one, with help and a good dose of common sense, that may be recoverable. We can only hope.

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