Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Great Pix of Brett

I love this pic of Brett. How handsome he was, with a beautiful heart, that came shining thru. He was so good looking, yet so humble. I remember saying to him one time, "How does it feel when I drop you off at school and all the kids come running, yelling "Brett's here, Brett's here!" He said "It feels pretty darn good!" Here he is teasing cousin Danielle in the phone booth in England. Poor girl, just trying to make a phone call home to mom and he's tap, tap, tapping on the booth the whole time and getting a huge kick out of it. I see this picture and I always think the same thing "That is SO Brett!" And, of course, I was as bad as he was. I always laughed at his jokes and egged him on. I thought he was hilarious. I miss his wonderul, quirky, right on sense of humor. I will never laugh like that again, ever.
Here's Danielle and Brett waiting for the plane. Danielle is the real heroine of the whole Salvia story. Without her coming to her mom and telling her that Brett was smoking Salvia we would never have been able to piece the story of his death together. I guess we would have figured it out eventually, with all his Salvia notes, and the many times we found Salvia and the police finding Salvia near him when he died. But she sped up the process and allowed me to have a dialog with Brett and what he felt about Salvia. I will always regret that I gave Brett too much credit for being so levelheaded and mature. I thought he would know enough to stop this garbage that would eventually lead to his downfall. When someone never makes you doubt them for a second, why would you start? When they came home every day, sober and together, why would you think something had taken ahold of them? This drug is so insidious. He is the first to be identified with it, but I'm sure he's probably not really the first, and definitely won't be the last. We were just lucky, we were able to put the puzzle pieces together. How many other families didn't have the information we did.

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