Wednesday, October 10, 2007

True Tales - The Life of Brett Chidester

Much has been made of the death of my beloved son, Brett Michael Chidester. I thought it about time that the world learn about his life. His real life, not the life that people who have never met him have invented on the internet. I made a pact with myself, after his sensationalized death, that I would try very hard never to read any of the postings on the net about him. I've been pretty darn good about it, but over time I've had well meaning friends ask me or tell me about certain things they've read. I don't stress over it because Brett's family, his friends and schoolmates, my friends, his dad's friends, knew the real Brett and knew what he was about. He was an inquisitive, fun loving, devoted son who made every day an adventure. The words "I'm bored" never emanated from his mouth, ever. He had the ability to turn the most mundane task into an adventure. His crazy sense of humor, his guileless wit, his love of laughter and life, will never, ever be forgotten by any of us. His was, and always will be, unforgettable.

This is my first blog, and believe me, Brett would be proud. He always tried to get me to come into the 21st century, kicking and screaming. So, this one's for you, Brett. I'm not a writer but I hope I can do you proud, my sweet, "stolen angel", taken from us who loved you much too early.

My hope and desire is to provide a place with pictures and videos of Brett, my recollections of his life and death, some of his writings, and for all to come to know the young man that touched and changed our lives irrevocably.

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