Wednesday, September 10, 2008

09/09/88 - That's Brett's B'day

Yikes, I wrote in my blog today and said today was Brett's birthday. Of course you know I meant yesterday!!! Could you see the internet meanies getting a hold of that!?!? I'd become the mom who didn't even remember her kid's birthday!

I'm remembering all the wonderful birthdays past, so excuse me while I reminiesce on happier times. If Brett were here we'd talk about all those awesome b'days past like:

-The birthday where I made you the giant racetrack cake and put only 4 cars on the track and 15 kids absolutely, positively had to have the piece with a car!! That cake was certainly incredible, if I do say so myself. Must post a picture of it.

-The birthday where we got out the pogo stick and the kids were amazed that you had a mom who could pogo stick longer than any of them.

-The Chuck E. Cheese parties were we could never get any of the kids back to the table to eat. Alexis freaking out when Chuck E. came to the table!

-The clown who refused to leave you alone at Chi-Chi's. You were ready to get up and walk out. I love the picture I have of you giving him the "stink eye".

-The place with the rubber ball pit where you were convinced "some kid pee'd in there!"

-Your rollerskating, paintballing, McDonald's, bowling parties. Did I miss one?

-The party where every kid "had to bring" his sister/brother/cousin and we ended up with 30 kids running roughshod over the house and yard. That one was the best! You LOVED the presents.

-Your last birthday where I promised you your second trip to England to visit your relatives. I did deliver and that was our last trip together. What number trip did that make, I'm guessing between 55-60? You were one well traveled guy, that's for sure. You were my best travel partner ever, and no trip will ever be the same now you're gone.

I look back fondly on all the wonderful b'day parties I was able to give Brett. They were the best of times and Brett never met a b'day party he didn't love.


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